• Halong Bay Cruises
Indochina Sail Halong Bay Cruise
2 days - 1 nights
Designed in the inspiration of Classic Eastern Style with modern amenities, Indochina Sail is considered as the most luxury in...
Paradise Halong Bay Cruise
2 days - 1 nights
Paradise Luxury Cruise belongs to Paradise Cruise in Tuan Chau Island including I, II, III, IV. Luxury Paradise Cruise has...
Violet Halong Bay Cruise
2 days - 1 nights
Violet cruise is one of the most luxury Halong Bay cruises fitting out in the 1930’s Indochine style. Operated in...
Jasmine Halong Bay Cruise
2 days - 1 nights
Officially launched on December 18th 2007, Jasmine was the second of the “Three Sisters” cruises in Halong Bay including Violet...


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