Booking Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please take the time to read and understand the conditions of booking set out below prior to booking a trip with us. We strongly recommend that you also read the website’s essential trip information relating to your trip prior to booking to ensure that you understand the itinerary, style and demands of the trip you are undertaking.
1. Our service ranges
Being a comprehensive travel service portal, offers all clients to visit Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & other countries in South East Asia a wide range of travel services from tour booking, hotel reservation, visa on arrival, and transportation services including airport pickup and private car service. In addition, clients visiting the website are also provided with free consultancy related to travel across Indochina. Our top goal is to facilitate all travelers to Indochina with the best arrangements during their stay here.
2. Price and validity
All prices mentioned in the offers sent to customers by ACI Travel are clearly quoted in USD. ACI Travel guarantees the validity of prices, invoices or documents provided to the customer according to the contract. Price may be subject to change without advance notice in some cases of force majeure (fluctuation of the exchange rate, new tax laws, etc.)
3. Reservation
All reservations must be made in writing via our official website or to our email addresses. Reservation will be made when you agree with the provided tailor-made itinerary, the quotation and detail of services included. Operation team of will start reservation, basing on the final tour itinerary that you agreed with us.
When reservation is made, BOOKING CONFIRMATION and INVOICE will be sent to your registered email by your travel consultant. A deposit of 30% (thirty percent) of the total payment of the tour will be required to be paid to ACI Travel within 15 days from the issued date of invoice. If the customer books a trip less than one month before the trip start date, the full price of the trip or a deposit of 50% of the full price for the trip must be paid upon booking confirmation.
In case of any unavailability of hotels, flights, etc. we will provide recommended alternative options at equal value. In peak tourist season, we must reserve the right to directly book the alternative options before informing the customer in order to keep availability for the tour.
4. Payment
Payment can be made by PayPal, wire transfer (bank transfer) and cash. Except cash payment, a service charge (by your bank) or processing charge may apply.
Deposit: 30% of the total sum of your tour is required to be paid within 15 days from invoice issue date
Balance: 70% of the total sum of your tour is required to be paid in 30 days prior to tour arrival date
A detailed payment guide will be sent to you via email by your travel consultant. If full payment is not settled by bank before your arrival, unless agreed upon earlier in email, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation
5. Cancellation and refund policy
5.1 Cancellation by customer
In need of cancellation, ACI Travel knows that you – the clients – reserve the right to cancel the confirmed services.
Any cancellations will be charged as the followings and the remainder will be refunded to you:
1. More than 45 days before departure: No cancellation charge
2. 45 to 30 days before departure: 10% of total tour cost
3. 30 to 15 days before departure: 25% of total tour cost.
3. 14 to 7 days before departure: 50% of total tour cost.
4. 6 to 0 days before departure: 90% of total tour cost.
5. No-show at the airport on the day of arrival/trip departure: 100% of total our cost.

Inevitable cancelation charge: flight tickets, cruise ship tickets, train tickets, and other pre-paid fees which have already been submitted will be added in addition to the above charges. Scanned copies of receipts will be provided upon request.
The cancellation fee will be automatically extracted from the customer deposit or payment. The balance will be made in 15 days of our receipt of your written cancellation request. Bank transfer fees, where applicable, will be added in addition to the above charges.
5.2. Cancellation by
We may cancel a trip at any time prior to departure due to such events of force majeure as terrorism, natural disasters, war, fire or other external events which are not viable for us to operate the planned itinerary. In case such events happen, we are responsible for immediately informing the client and refunding the full amount that you have paid for. Client can also transfer the paid amount to an alternate departure date if operation condition is permitted.
6. Change of itinerary
Clients may make changes to itinerary and it’s understandable. Alterations to the itinerary after reservation has been made will be handled on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to charge additional charges and/or issue discounts based on the requested alterations, the time they are submitted, and other circumstances that may arise.
7. Flexibility
You appreciate and acknowledge that the nature of this type of travel requires considerable flexibility and you should allow for alternatives. The itinerary provided for each trip is representative of the types of activities contemplated, but it is understood that the route, schedules, itineraries, amenities and mode of transport may be subject to alteration without prior notice due to local circumstances or events.
8. Passport and visa
You must carry a valid passport and have obtained appropriate visas for the countries in which you will visit during your trip. Your passport must be valid for 6 months beyond the duration of the trip. As a visa service provider, we may assist clients with travel documents. However ACI Travel and our consultants are not liable for any assistance provided in obtaining visas or travel documents that results in failure.
9. Insurance
ACI Travel is an inbound agency and we do not take care of insurance. However we strongly recommend that you have purchased full coverage travel insurances before leaving your mother country to cover a wide range of unexpected loss and damages.
10.Health Requirement
Client is responsible to review the itinerary and determine if they’re in a healthy state to participate in the listed activities. ACI Travel and our travel consultants are not liable for any health complications arising from the activities listed in the itinerary. It is the responsibility of the clients to advise regarding health related matters and to determine which activities are safe given their current health.

Before reserving an itinerary, the client is responsible to disclose any physical, emotional or mental conditions which may not conform to the health requirements necessary for the activities listed in the itinerary and to advise us of any necessary changes. ACI Travel reserves the right to decline any trip participant which may affect client’s health and safety, or the enjoyment of other clients.
11. Limitation of liability
ACI Travel shall not be responsible for unreasonable and negligent acts, omissions, or failure to act of any suppliers such as those of land, air, and water transportation, sightseeing excursions, cruise/hotel accommodations, or of any third party not directly owned or operated by ACI Travel.

We shall not be responsible for any loss, injury, or damage to person or property, alteration of itineraries or cancellation in part or in full, caused by climatic conditions, weather, fire, breakdown of machinery or equipment, acts of government or other authorities, wars whether or not declared, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, thefts, epidemics, quarantines, medical or customs regulations, terrorist activities, or any other actions, omissions or conditions beyond the direct control of ACI Travel.

ACI Travel shall not be responsible for any personal valuable items stolen or lost during your trip.

ACI Travel shall not be responsible for your failure to comply with customs regulations.

ACI Travel shall not be held responsible for loss, death, physical harm caused to or any expenses incurred by passengers if they deviate from our original tour itinerary or group.

ACI Travel reserves the right to vary sightseeing order if that will enable you to visit all listed excursions easily. In either case, the itinerary content will be maintained to the extent possible.

No refunds will be issued for unused portions of the trip or hotel in accordance with the times given in our cancelation policy.
12. Claims and complaints
If you have a complaint about your trip please inform your group leader or our local representative at the time in order that they can attempt to rectify the matter. If satisfaction is not reached through these means then any further complaint should be put in writing to us within 30 days of the end of the tour.
13. Children policy
Tour prices applied for children:

• Children under 4: free of charges
• Children from 4-5 years old: 50%
• Children from 6-8 years old: 75%
• Above 8 years old: fully charged
14. Links to third-party sites
Our website may contain links or produce search results that reference or link to websites wholly owned and controlled by third parties (“Third-Party Site”). hereby disclaims any responsibility or liability for the accuracy or inoffensiveness of the content or information that is contained and/or provided by the Third-Party Sites. By using the links to a Third-Party Site on our website, you agree that will not be liable to you for any damages or losses from your use of the website to link to the Third-Party Site.